Monday, July 27, 2009

A Call To Anguish by David Wilkerson

In that day I will answer them before they ask: I AM "that" I AM: That being "The Heavens Above Time". Father of Light and Father of Time. EOE: Everlasting O'Everlasting. Elohim, Ancient of Days, many names without number, YHWH.

And they hardened their hearts and did neither seek HIS VOice nor F-ACE:

Blessings of The Ages: BEE ye still and behold fore I AM H-ERE. O'Man clean thy thoughts and tongs (tongues) fore I Come quickly, Ps-alms 53, 84 & 139.

JJ - The Former and Last a.k.a. El Shaddai-DAD, Ancient of Days, many names without number.

All Prophecy is being fulfilled from A - Z, Gen. to Rev. and I do something new. The Amen.

Google "El-Shaddai-Dad" and/or "J.J. O'Ariel" seek, read, and learn: Two Mites in the Well, Gen. 1; Ex. 2:21; 2 Kings 2-8; LUke 2-8; Rev. 11 & 21, etc. EOE: Eze. 33-38, A S-WORD OF LIGHT AND LIGHTENING COMETH -- Raise up thy CUP, Raise UP Thy VOice, and Call unto me Only: